BDCOM Online Ltd. is a trusted name in Bangladesh for Internet Service, Data Communication Service, Vehicle Tracking Service, IP Telephony Service, IT Infrastructure Development and Industry Standard Software.

BDCOM was born with a mission of ensuring “Total Excellence� in every aspect, be it providing service, customer support or employee satisfaction. Keeping this motto as the guiding light, even after more than 20 years, BDCOM strives to improve its service with renewed vigor. BDCOM is the forerunner in the value centric Service Marketplace and an architect of high value end-to-end ICT solutions for both National and International market.

BDCOM thrives with a simple mission: Bring about the best technology to provide the best customer experience possible and earn the trust of customers with personalized support to ensure total customer satisfaction. BDCOM believes in the proposition “Customer is King,� thus ensuring extra effort to satisfy each customer.